People in the society, categorized under middle or lower classes desirous  of undergoing private health check up overcome ansurmountable problems for diogonosis of their diseases and to receive specialist advice.
         They  are required to move to the cities and for that purpose it is highly impossible to avail those facilities, which are  very much expensive and can not meet their pockets and further due to non communication they waste money and time for  which the patients are loaded with financial and mental pressure.
      That in general, it is seen that, the patients and their attendants amidst expensive treatment and other barriers are unable to reach the specialists for better advice and diogonisis and succumb them-selves to substandard treatment resulting in fatality.The patient being not diogonised and treated instantaneously face death which is socially alarming.
         Forther more the doctors apart from their personal commitments con’t devote sincerely to the patients, who reach them despite over coming heavy odds and evens.


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