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 Regd.Off-Church Line Chhak, F.M. Circle, Balasore, Odisha, India.

Corporate Off.- Plot No-628/3016, Puruna Balasore,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Patrapada, Sunhat, Balasor, Odisha,756002.

We are  committed to helping people overcome depression, realize their hesitation worth and dignity and gain self-reliance. Our mission is to bring hope and to empower our society by providing verious kind of source to quality life.

 We believe everyone should have a chance at a bright future, regardless. We strive to change attitudes around this practice and to give all, what every human being deserves: to live free of discrimination, economically, socially and spiritually.

*   An innovative solution In the private health care.

The “LINKTO” Specialty TRUST is a replicable model, introducing people with the eminent philanthropic doctors across country for private health care.

Health-care reforms is a big, confusing, emotionally-charged topic.

Still, there will be many people in our society  and throughout the country  who will continue to face barriers to accessing private health care, for one reason or another, they couldn’t find the proper physician appointments in certain manner, although, it’s available in urban areas but many types of problems are there. Now these days getting proper physician’s appointment is more expensive also. On the other hand, It’s not possible for a doctor to take care of all patients, who come out from a long distance and still waiting for treatment in serious condition. Due to this reason many patients are suffering from unexpected expenditure, botheration, seriousness and then embracing death unfortunately.

Clinics scattered throughout the country, including several, but help address to this problem is nothing. So in order to take specialty medical care/ health check up for middle/low-income patients facing barriers to care like the ones described above is likely to remain extremely difficult.

Fortunately, an innovative program pioneered is addressing this effectively, and is likely to become a national model. “LINKTO” has expanded, On line,(www.todoctorstolink.com) appointment settlement program, to link our society with private Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing homes and eminent philanthropist physician.

This unique model, On line appointment settlement program is the only one of welfare program in Odisha and one of few in the country. We expect voluntary steps from  philanthropist  doctors and socialist clinics on forward the program and convene the society to take advantages from this type of new technology .



                                                                                                                                   Service To Mankind Is Service To God.


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